100% scholarship in Doha Qatar – Apply Now



The Doha institute for graduate scholarship is offering 100% tuition fees to cover for all scholarships students, there will be provision of accommodation and also monthly stipends to take care of your needs during your studies.


If you are looking forward to studying in an Arab country as Qatar, then you can go ahead to study about the requirements you need and of course submit your application.

Students from any part of the world are eligible to submit an application, just make sure you have all the requirements the institute is requesting for.

The scholarships is also for students who wants to pursue or further their education in Master’s Degree level.


There are No IELTS or TOEFL required for this scholarship, and the scholarship will be covering all expenses needed for student to study in Qatar, you can fulfill your dreams by landing this opportunities which will be fully sponsored by the institute.

About the Doha Institute for graduate scholarship in Qatar

The Doha institute for Graduate studies is basically located in Qatar, it is a new institute which was established in 2014 and enrolled their first set of students in the year 2015/2016.

The institute aims at providing high and standard education to both it’s National and International students with the priority of building their student to a leadership skills standard.

Students will have a good advantage of exploring the beautiful city of Qatar and a chance to mingling with students from around the world.

Doha Institute Financial Benefits

The Doha institute for graduate studies scholarship for the year 2024 is basically a free scholarship which has been designed to cover Master’s degree program for all students under the scholarship program for the year 2024. Here are the variety of scholarship that the Doha institute for graduate studies offers:


1. Tamin Scholarships

The Tamin Scholarship is a merit based type of scholarship offered to both local Qatari and International students base on their excellent academic result, see details:

  • 100% tuition fees will be provided for each students
  • There will be Airfare ticket from your home to Doha, Qatar
  • Free Accommodation inside the Doha institute Dormitories
  • All scholarship students will be given a monthly stipends
  • There will be health insurance installed on behalf of each student

2. The SANAD Grant Scholarship

The SANAAD Grant scholarship is a financial help scholarship which will be given to both local and international students depending on their financial constraints, see details:

  • There will be a 100% of tuition fees for each student
  • Free flight ticket from students home country to Doha, Qatar
  • A free and well furnished accommodation inside the Doha dormitories for all students
  • Students will be given monthly stipends to take care of their needs
  • Health insurance will be covered that will carry each student for all semesters

Available Departments in Doha Institute

Here are the lists of available departments in the institute of Doha

  1. School of Social Sciences and Humanities
  2. School of Public Administration and Development Economics
  3. Center for Conflict and Humanities Studies

Criteria for Students to be Eligible for the Doha Scholarship

Your good chances of landing this opportunities is based on your eligibility, candidates are expected to meet to the following criteria to be eligible for this scholarship offer:

  • Students from any country around the world are eligible for Doha scholarships 2024
  • All intending applicants must have a Bachelors Degree Certificate
  • Also if you are a students in your undergraduate degree program final year, you are also eligible to submit an application
  • Please all applicants should note that the Doha scholarships program has no Age restrictions

Required Documents for the Doha Scholarships

All interested applicants have to provide documents which they will be required to submit during the online registration for the Doha institute for graduate studies scholarship in Qatar. See lists of documents expected:

  • Students are required to provide a copy of their Valid Identification (For International students, your International Passport is needed, while for Qatari students, citizens and residents, your Qatari ID is needed)
  • Interested students Bachelors degrees certificate must be uploaded. For students in final year, you can upload all of your transcripts
  • All interested students must provide their transcripts
  • An updated Curriculum Vitae is needed
  • Students are expected to provide two recommendation letters
  • Students are expected to write a personal statement
  • Academic essay are also expected
  • English test result are also expected

Application Deadline for the Doha institute of graduate scholarship 2024

All interested students are advised to submit their application before the deadline of this scholarship opportunity, which is on the 15th of January, 2024.

How do you Apply for the Doha institute for graduate scholarship?

The Official website for the Doha institute for studies is basically in Qatari language, for those whom doesn’t understand the language, you can just use translator from your browser which will enable you to translate into English or any other language you understand or prefer.

After that you will have create an account and make sure you can remember the email and password used, because you will needing it for logins. Follow the instructions on the official website of the Doha institute, submit all the documents and fill out the required information needed, then you can Submit your Application.