$60,000 Funded Charles Bullard Scholarship Award 2023, USA – Apply Now

The Charles Bullard Fellowship Award is open to all students around the world, if you have knowledge or a work experience on forestry or forest related subjects which includes: Earth Science, Biology, Economics, Politics, Law, Arts, Administration, Philosophy and Humanitarian, then you should apply for this opportunity.

If you are interested in applying or you know someone else who this award will benefit, you can share with them so they can go through the application procedures.

$60,000 Funded Scholarship Award 2023 – USA

All aspiring students whom are applying to the Bullard Award cost of transportation will be fully covered for. Each student will be awarded with a $500 support funds for participating in the Bullard Fellowship program activities Extra Funds will be provided to students based on researches they carry out during this program.

Applicants benefits

All selected applicants will be allocated with a whooping some of $60,000, and each applicants are given the option of having the $60,000 award paid to themselves. These award is given to supplement the research period duration, for instance an applicant can be given a sabbatical leave pay or education leave with pay for candidates in the private sector.

All fellows that are applying to this opportunity should ensure they know that the Fellowship program will take 6-12 month to be completed before you are given your $60,000 award.

The Charles Bullard Fellowship is being sponsored for the sake of a varieties of a wide range of research, which includes; Forest Resource Management, Conservation and Biodiversity, Public Policy, Land use Planning, Microbial and Ecology. For this sake the Bullard fellowship will offer students with a fully funded scholarships which will help to enhance research activities at Harvard Forest and then build long-term collaborations.

All aspiring candidates must have established themselves in a public service, academia, and private sector. To all the students that will be applying to this opportunity via academics, must be a doctorate degree holder, and to others whom have worked in a related public or private office will be considered for the fellowship to study and research at Harvard.

All Aspiring Students Requirements for the Fellowship Award:

>CV (no more than 5 pages)

>Professional positions held since graduating college

>A statement of research that should describe the applicant professional career till date
Academic prizes and Honors if any

>Contact information of 3 references that can vouch for the applicants personal professional career and qualifications

>Applicants should provide a completed web-based application form

For further information: e-mail hfapps@fas.harvard.edu.

All candidates are expected to spend their time at either Harvard forest which is located in Petersham, Massachusetts or at the Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

All international researchers will be considered when applying for Bullard Fellowship Awards, such as the Visa process, Financial implications and logistics. All international candidates should consult the Harvard International Office Website (www.hio.harvard.edu).

All aspirants should ensure they submit their application at the Official Website of the Bullard Fellowship. Do not miss out on this sponsored opportunity, as all student who under go the application process and get it submitted will be considered.