Boston University Presidential Scholarship – Apply Now



The Application is free, meaning there is No Application Fee Needed, and Scholarship offer to Boston University in USA is also for free. The Scholarships offers up to $25,000 worth of scholarships for the entire Academic Session.


100% Scholarships – Apply Now

Boston University is offering scholarships for Nigerian and South African Students, so basically if you are from any of the mentioned country, you stand a good chance of landing this scholarship opportunity.

One of the sole purpose of this scholarship is basically to boost educational integrated with culture. The University award free scholarships to students on a yearly basis. Do not miss this opportunity to boost your career and graduate in a reputable school in the USA.

It should be noted that this scholarship basically offers scholarships only to graduate, undergraduate and doctoral students only, if you are not in any of the mentioned category, then you do not stand a chance towards this scholarship offer.


The Boston University has one of the most conducive environments for learning which tends to enhance students assimilation and boost their career.

The University is always looking for students to render a free scholarship, that is why they offer most scholarships to African students with the aim of providing quality education that could boost Africa’s development in the future.  This also helps in boosting of student’s career in general.

Students will have the opportunity of a quality education that helps them gain knowledge that is capable enough to withstand the outside world.

About Boston University

As a student who’s interested in studying at the Boston University, then it’s really very important you have an idea of the University at large.

Boston University was actually founded by a Methodists group back in the year 1839. The University has been a private University since 1839 and the University named was derived because it is located in Boston, Massachusetts


Address: Boston, MA 02215, United States

Boston University Financial Benefits Expected

All successful candidates will be offered $25,000 per academic year through the year of the program

Required Documents Needed

  • Applicants are required to provide a copy of their valid passport
  • All interested applicants must submit their secondary school certificates
  • School report form must be provided by each applicants
  • Academic records for all interested candidates must be provided

What are the Criteria for the Boston University Scholarship?

  • Boston University requires lots of students whom are physically fit, so therefore each applicants must get themselves involved in extracurricular activities, such as sports, community service, and project leadership
  • All Applicants applying to this scholarships opportunity must be an international student
  • Interested Applicant must posses a very good academic records

How do Apply to the Boston University Scholarship?

All applicants are advised to go through other recently available scholarships as this scholarship has already been filled.

Type of Scholarships Offered to African Students

This is another option for African Students to study Abroad, all African students who wants to further their career by graduating with B.Sc, Masters, and PhD from best Universities round the world can carefully go through this offer and submit an application

This Scholarship will cover all education expenses, you don’t have to worry about school fees, accommodation and feeding.

Most of these scholarships offered to African students are ways to invest into the future of Africa.

This scholarship however do not require the applicants to write IELTS exams.

This is because of flexibility for interested candidates. As this scholarship is mostly sponsored by government Agencies, Different Foundations, and Private Donors.

Some scholarships are opened to only some specific country region, but this one is opened for African Students who meets specific requirements provided by the institution.

All aspiring African students can take this opportunity to study on a fully funded scholarships to study in countries like: United Kingdom, United States, Netherlands, Australia, etc.

Scholarship Benefits that will be covered for African Students

  • A complete Tuition fee will be covered
  • Health Insurance will be covered for each student
  • Free Accommodation will be provided
  • Travelling costs will be covered from Africa to school destination
  • Book Allowance will be covered
  • Monthly Stipends will be paid for each successful student

1. The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program

The Mastercard Foundation are basically programmed to shape the future of Africa via her people. That is why the program has been designed to help African students whom lack enough resources to fund their education.

The Mastercard Foundation program believes in empowering prospective leaders who will in the future change the shape of Africa.

2. University of Miami in USA

Universities in the USA is offering a free education most especially for African students, there are lots of benefits of this scholarship, one interested fact is that students will be paid monthly stipends of about $100.

The program has been developed in other to discipline students whom will be leaders of tomorrow based on the teaching, experience, academic excellence, and Leadership potential which will be impacted to each students.

African students whom will successfully land this scholarship opportunity need not to worry about tuition fees, flight tickets fees, accommodation, feeding and personal expenses, because all of this will be provided by the institution.

3. Shell Nigeria SIWES Program 2023-2024

Shell Nigeria is basically inviting Nigerian students to apply to this training internship program at Shell. This is a good opportunity for University students to acquire not just work experience, but also high connections during the duration of their training at Shell Company, Nigeria.

Go through all the requirements carefully and understand how you can go through the application process. Most training students gets retained at the Shell company, it is a good opportunity that helps students kick start their career early enough.

4. Google Scholarship for International Students

The Google Scholarship is one of the top best scholarship a student can be offered, although the Google scholarships basically favors more of female students, which means if you are female you stand a better opportunity of landing this scholarship offer.

It should also be noted that this scholarship is meant for undergraduate level students only, so if you are not an undergraduate level student, your chances are slim that you will be offered with this scholarship.

5. Canada Scholarships for International and African Students

It is known that a lot of students have been denied scholarships basically because of their low CGPA, this has been really frustrating for most students, as it makes them think less of achieving a better future and career. The good news is that, the Canada Scholarship is offering scholarships even for students with low CGPA.

So what this means is that, having a CGPA less than 2.5 will not stop you from landing this scholarships in Canada. On a sclae of 4.0 is low CGPA will be about 2.7 – 3.0 meanwhile on a scale of 5.0 a ow CGPA will be 2.5 – 3.49.