Canada Universities Accepting Low CGPA – Apply Now



Good News for Students with Low CGPA

A lot of students from around the world have been denied Scholarship opportunities because of their low CGPA they graduated with back in school, and some students with low CGPA feel they are hopeless and don’t even like to engage in applying to scholarships.


But here is the Good News, we will be listing universities in Canada that accepts students with low CG-PA Worldwide, as a matter of fact there are lots of institutions that will accept you with a low CG-PA in Canada.

So apparently having a CG-PA of less than 2.5 will not hinder you nor disqualify you from the scholarship opportunities this institutions in Canada offers.

Let us further analyze this CG-PA, for a postgraduate or an undergraduate level students, the CG-PA that is considered lower than the second-class upper honor is defined as a low CG-PA.


So basically on a scale of 4.0, a low CG-PA in this essence will be 2,7 – 3.0. And then on a scale of 5.0, a low CG-PA will be regarded as 2.5 – 3.49.

If you fall under this low CG-PA on either scale of 4.0 or 5.0, you will still accepted by Canadian institutions we will be mentioning here, as a mater fact, even if your CG-PA has an impact on your admission process, the institution will still consider your scholarship application.

Study in Canada with a Low CGPA

Canada is a developed country in North America, and most students from around the world dreams of studying in Canada because it is a well developed country full of opportunities.

But the good news is, Canada wants more student coming into their country, because they have a vast number of landmark that can harbor enough people and stabilize their economy, each year Canadian institute invites enough students to study in the country.

There are lots of universities in Canada that are seeking for students to offer a fully funded scholarship offered by the Canadian Government.


Most of these institution however offers undergraduate, graduate, and Master;s level programs in so many fields of interest.

On a General ranking, Canadian Universities have one of the best professors and is an alumni to a lot of great scholars, ministers, governors, presidents, celebrities, etc.

Criteria for applicants to be Eligible

Aspiring candidates should ensure they carefully go through the criteria, which are required to process their application

  • > Applicants must be hard-working, even though you are naturally not, you have to wear the garment of a hard-worker.
  • > Certificate of your previous institution attended must be presented.
  • > You need to get a recommendation letter from your lecturer or professor.
  • > Your Age will not considered, that means there is no limit to age.
  • > You must be strive to be good at your extra-curricular activities.
  • > IELTS is needed, and please try to get a high score.
  • > You are expected to posses an efficient personal skills.

Canada Universities Accepting Low CGPA

There are many institutions in Canada which considers students with a low CG-PA, there are about 27 colleges and Universities accepting low CG-PA of students from all over the globe.

> Algoma University
> Algonquin College
> Bow Valley College
> Centennial College
> Capilano University
> Conestoga College
> Camosun College
> Concordia University of Edmonton
> Douglas College
> Fanshawe College
> George Brown College
> Georgian College
> Humber College
> Kwantlen University College
> King’s University College
> Langara College
> Mohawk College
> Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
> OCAD University (Ontario College of Art & Design)
> Okanagan College
> Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
> Saint Thomas University
> University of the Fraser Valley
> Université Saint Paul
> University of Regina
> Vancouver Island University (Malaspina)
> Vancouver Community College

Low CGPA Canadian Universities Application Deadline

The deadline to apply to any of the universities offering scholarship for low CG-PA students may vary, so you need to keep in touch with the institution, to know when their deadline is, or when they open portal for scholarship. applications.

Low CGPA Canadian Universities Application Procedures

You will need to keep in touch with the official websites of these universities, make sure you apply to more than one institution, so that you can get picked from any of the ones you must have applied to.