Central South Chinese University Scholarship – Apply Now



The Central South University is located in China and opened to students from across the country, the scholarship is therefore opened to interested students from all over the world to study in the Central South University “CSU” for the academic year 2023-2024.


If you are interested in studying for free in China for your Bachelor Degree, Masters Degree, and PhD Degree, you can go ahead to follow all the steps to getting this scholarship at CSU.

The CSU does not discriminate in terms of offering scholarship, all students from around the world are treated same as well as assessment of their applications.

Central South Chinese University Scholarship

The Central South Chinese University (CSU) is basically located in Changsha Hunan, central south of China, it is basically a National university that offers scholarship opportunities on a yearly basis.


There are lots of students from different countries studying at the university, there are currently about 33,000 Full-Time Undergraduate level students and about 12,000 graduate level students studying at the university in different departments.

What are the Scholarship Benefits at CSU China?

The Scholarship at the Central South University in China is a Fully Funded Scholarship opened to all students all over the world. Here are the scholarship benefits offered by the CSU China:

  • Full Tuition Fee for each students
  • Well furnished accommodation will be provided
  • Monthly stipend will be paid to each students
  • There will be Health Insurance cover for each students

What is Duration of CSU Scholarship in China?

See the duration of the CSU Scholarship in China by Degree

Bachelors Program: 4-5 years
Masters Program: 3 years
Doctorate Program: 4 years

The Criteria for Eligibility to Central South University, China

All applicants are advised to go through the criteria carefully in order to meet up to the eligibility standards for the CSU Scholarship.

  • All applicants must not be from China or holds Chinese citizenship, this scholarship is only for international students
  • Aspiring candidates must not have a criminal record
  • Candidates applying for Bachelor Degree must be 18 to 25 years of age
  • Candidates applying for Masters Degree must be 18 to 35 years of age
  • Candidates applying for Doctorate Degree must be 18 to 40 years of age
  • Applicants who apply for the Chinese-taught programs should ensure they have a minimum score of 260 in
  • HSK4 for non-medical programs and 200 for medical programs respectively
  • Applicants who aply for the English-taught programs should ensure they have a minimum score of 6 overall in IELTS or 85 in TOEFL

What are the Documents i need to Apply for the CSU Scholarship in China?

  • You will need to download a printed form from the CSU China international Student Service System with your full name signed on it
  • Applicants should provide a photocopy of their Passport with over year validity
  • Aspiring students will all be examined in accordance with the requirement of Foreigners Physical Examination Sheet, after which applicants are expected to provide photocopy of Foreigner Physical Check
  • Applicants should provide a photocopy of their highest graduation certificate or transcript, and if the applicants is currently a student, they should provide a notarized photocopy
  • Applicants must provide an evidence of a non criminal record with a an official stamp on it
  • The HSK4 for Chinese-taught program or IELTS/TOEFL for English-taught program must be provided
  • Applicants should provide a photocopy of their Application Fee of RMB 500 0r USD 90
  • A Personal Statement must be provided by each applicants which indicates the applicants does not have any other financial support from other institutions
  • Aspiring candidates must provide two letters of recommendation form Professors/Associate professors with their detailed contacts
  • All Masters and Doctorate level applicants should write words of up to 800 clarifying their research background, method, significance, etc
  • All Masters and Doctorate level applicants should provide Acceptance Letter from CSU professors
  • Applicants should provide a well published essays or any other supporting materials

Application Deadline for the CSU Scholarship

All interested applicants should endeavor to go through the application procedures for CSU scholarship on or before the 30th May, 2023. Applications will not received after this date

The Central South University Scholarship Procedures

The basic way to apply to the Central South University Scholarship is via Online Application Portal. we will work you through the steps of Application

Step 1.

To start, all applicants must login to the CSU China International Students Service System and should Register using the link Then go ahead to select the Central South University Scholarship for Internationals Students and fill out the Application Form, after which you submit and wait for the result to be out which usually could take about 2-4 weeks to be out.

Step 2.

Applicants should pay the Application Fee and then Mail the hard copies of Materials Needed

Immediately after been successful on the Online Review, you will proceed to pay the application fee of 500 RMB ($90) to the designated account and then prepare the Above mentioned Documents with hard copies of materials in duplicate and in order. Just note incomplete materials will not be accepted. And please note that if you fail to pass the review or you got rejected, then there will be no need to pay for the Application Fee nor send the hard copies.

Please make sure to write your Application number, Full Name, and your Nationality on the bank bill. The Application fee should therefore be sent to the Account Details Below:

Account Name: Central South University
Account No: 5846 5735 0276
Swift Code: BKCH CNBJ 970
Bank Address: Central South University Branch Bank, Bank of China, Changsha, Hunan, P.R. China

Step 3.

Final Review and Result Release

After successfully going through all the 2 steps, the students will then reviewed for final admission results. Your Application status will be informed to you in the CSU China International Students Service System. You can track your status checking by login in to the Application System on time.