Cheapest universities to study in the UK

Most universities in the UK are very expensive, as a matter of fact studying in the UK is generally expensive, So therefore if you are looking for a soft landing, then let’s talk about it here.

There are few affordable universities you can apply to in the UK, and these universities are considered to be way cheap for students, though there has been a recently increased fees for these universities, but are still considered more affordable than other universities in the United Kingdom.

For example in Norway, the Government directly informed all universities to increase their tuition fees budget so as they can balance with the economy, so recently there has been a slight increase in most universities probably in Europe or worldwide.

There are lots of people whom have being wondering on how they can afford studying in the UK, the answer is Yes; you can, and it’s very much possible, but you must be ready to go through that journey to the finish line. That is why buzzcheep is compiling a list of universities or better to say bringing you information about these universities.

Some of the institutions are flexible with their tuition fees, which allows students to make fees deposit instrumentally.

Before we get into the cheapest universities you can study in, please allow to get an insight:

If you are on a low budget and desire to study in the United Kingdom, please you should avoid universities in London, the reason been that, cost of living in London is very expensive. So therefore, you can get an affordable university in London, but then the cost of living in that city is very expensive, so then it is advisable to check universities that are outside of London.

Cheapest Universities to study in the UK

University of West London

The University of West London which is a public research institution with campuses in Ealing, Brentford, and Berkshire.

The Deposit you will make for the West London University is £‎3,000. Meanwhile the tuition fees for the university is annually.

It is going to cost you £‎13,000 to enroll into the West London University, remember the £‎3,000 you will pay is basically for deposit, while £‎13,000 is for tuition fees which you are expected to pay annually.

Remember i said most these universities accept instrumental forms of payments for their tuition, but before you enroll to the West London University, you must have to deposit 50% out of the £‎10,000 for your tuition.

Another thing you should put in mind is your accommodation, how much it costs, although getting a job generally in UK is easy, especially if you are qualified for the role you are applying to.

I have heard some people saying universities in the UK do not cost that much, well i haven’t seen any university in UK that costs £‎7,000 or below.

University of Bedfordshire

The Second is the University of Bedfordshire, it is also a public research university with campuses in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Some years ago, the University of Bedfordshire tuition fees used to be around £‎9,000 to £‎11,000, but the financial situation now has sky rocket it to £‎13,000 per year for B.Sc programme and can accept 65% for first payment installments. Their MSc Programme is about £‎13,750.

For those who are willing to study nursing, it will cost you around £‎25,000 for two years, because in this university their nursing programme is two years duration and you are done.

Teesside University

The Third University we are looking into is the Teesside University which has campus in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire in North East London.

At Teesside University you will have to make a deposit of £‎5,000 with the actual tuition fees worth £‎15,000 and if your programme is for 2 years duration, you will be paying the sum of £‎18,000 for 2 years, a typical example of such programme is Nursing.

An important information for all aspiring students who wants to study in UK, is to make available their proof of funds during this application procedures, because as soon as you get the admission into any of these universities, you will go for a visa interview.

There are some universities, that will request you to show the deposit in your account balance which should carry your name.

University of Chester

The Fourth University we should talk about is the University of Chester which is located in Chester, England. The cost of studying in this university depends on the programme you will be studying in, programs like Marine Management, and so many other science courses will cost you nothing less than £‎10,000 to £‎17,000, other programmes like Nursing, Medicine is on the rise, it can cost you about £‎28,500, it all varies from programme to programme.

University of Hall

The fifth cheapest university in UK is the University of Hall, it is considered to be one of the most affordable university to study in the UK.

With £‎10,000 you will be able to study in the University of Hall. Generally undergraduate programmes are cheaper in almost all universities in the UK.

University of Cumbria

The Sixth University on the list is the University of Cumbria which a public University which has campuses located in Carlisle, Lancaster, Ambleside, and London.

The University of Cumbria is also one of the most affordable Universities in the UK, most courses in this university cost about £‎10,000 – £‎16,000 with the initial deposit of £3,500 which stands separately, with this amount the University of Cumbria is considered one of the most cheap universities to study in the UK. As a matter fact this University has one of the most cheapest deposit as mentioned it is £3,500.

Most students usually have issues due to tuition fees payments, that is why it is most advice-able to always get enough information about tuition fees of the University you are applying to. Once you get admission, the nest thing is you need to begin searching for a job to supplement your tuition fees, unless you can afford your tuition without hassle.

University of Boston

The Seventh and the final on our list is the University of Boston which is a private research university located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Tuition fees for most courses cost about £‎10,000 – £‎14,000. At the University of Boston, the applicant must have to pay the tuition fees before they can grant your admission. Unless they change this policy, but this is what you should put into consideration.

They don’t take deposit, they only take your tuition fees and nothing else. But that is needed before admission is granted for you to study at the University.


It is really very important to go through and confirm all necessary information before you begin the process of your Admission into any institution in the UK.

But if you think the UK is still too expensive for you, then you should try Estonia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Portugal, etc. All these other countries are cheaper than the UK, you should check them and see if they meet your budget.

Another UK University that was not mentioned here due to lack of enough information, is the University of Wolverhampton, but then they have a strict policy. Before they give you an Admission letter, you must need to present all the necessary documents you are going to be using to apply to any program in the University, and then give you an interview, after which you must have to present your bank statement.