China University of Geo-science offering free tuition and stipends – Apply Now



The China University of Geo-Science CSC Scholarship is open for the 2024 session to all students from around the world whom are interested in studying their Masters and PhD programs in China.


This Scholarship is thereby been sponsored by the Chinese Government, student will be able to study for free in the University of Geo-Science which is located in Wuhan which is the capital of China’s Hubei province.

The Chinese Government initiated this program to assist several institutions in different province of China with scholarship rendered to assist students around the world with free education.

About The University of Geo-science Wuhan, China

The University of Geo-science Wuhan is a public University which was categorically established in the year 1952, it is currently one of the top Universities in China.


The China University of Geo-science Wuhan has been ranked as the 40th in China and 820th Globally, this ranking was in the year 2020 universities ranking.

The University of Wuhan has several academic fields that the students will major in.

Geo science University of Wuhan Financial Assistance

The China University of Geo-science CSC Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship sponsored by the Chinese Government to assists students whom cannot afford education around the World. Here are the lists of covered expenses rendered to students:

  1. Complete expenses of studying in the University will be covered for all students
  2. A well furnished Accommodation will be provided to all students
  3. Students will be covered on a Full Medical Insurance
  4. Students will be paid monthly stipends [Masters level students will be paid 3000 RMB] while [Doctorate level student will be paid 3,500 RMB]

POV: The study period for Masters Degree level program is 2-3 years, while that of the PhD level program is 3-4 years

Lists of Degree Programs for both Masters and PhD Program

  • Business Administration (Masters Level)
  • Computer Science and Technology (Masters Level)
  • Environmental Science and Engineering (Masters Level)
  • Geological Resources and Geological Engineering (Masters Level)
  • Groundwater Science and Engineering (Masters Level)
  • Marine Sciences (Masters and PhD Level)
  • Materials Science and Engineering (Masters and PhD Level)
  • Oil and Natural Gas Engineering (Masters and PhD level)
  • Public Administration (Masters and PhD Level)

Documents Requested by the University of Wuhan for Scholarship Processing

See the lists of documents expected for students to submit for the University of Wuhan to be able to process the scholarship

  1. Clearance Criminal Certificate
  2. Evidence of Linguistic Ability
  3. Foreigner Physical Examination Form Photocopy
  4. Students are to submit their Degree level result and transcripts
  5. Passport Photograph is needed
  6. Applicants must submit 2 recommendation letters
  7. Inspiring students should submit individual statement, research project and course schedule

Criteria for Eligibility into the University of Geo-science Wuhan CSC Scholarship

  • All interested applicants must be in Goof Health and must not be or have Chinese Nationality
  • Applicants must be an outstanding student with a Good result to be considered
  • Interested candidate are expected to be ready and proficient in conducting scientific research
  • All applicants whom are applying for Masters Level Program must be Under 35 yeas of age and for Doctorate Level students, they must be Under 40 years of age
  • Applicants are expected to provide their English Language Proficiency Results [IELTS 5.5 or Above] or [TOEFL 80 or Above]
  • Applicants must take the Chinese Courses – HSK4 or Above (Score 210 or Above, valid for 2 years)

The china University of Geo-science CSC Scholarship Application Deadline

All interested students are expected to submit their Application on or before the given Deadline, which has been scheduled on 1st December, 2023

Submit Your Scholarship Application for the China University Geo-science CSC Scholarship

All interested applicants are expected to go through an Online Application Process to submit all necessary documents needed to process their application into the China University of Geo-science Scholarship program for the 2024 academic session.