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There is no particular amount of money you can earn from scribie, it is the more you work, the more you earn. Apply now to start making up to $5-$25 per hour transcribing audio files to words.

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Claim $19,999 Awards on Scribie

Scribie is basically a transcribing service, it has been around since the year 2009, they have a good reputation as they have become more popular over the years, they offer both audio and video transcribing services which provides opportunities for individuals to earn money while transcribing.

However their audio transcribing service is more popular than the video transcribing services

Most people whom have been using Scribie has reported that they are making up to $5-$25 per hour

As a matter of fact scribie is a great way to make money, if you invest your time into it, then you can start making a lot of money with it.

If you are looking to make extra money, then scribie is really worth trying, you can get family and friends to get on it too

The flexibility and the extra income that scribie provides is just incredible, this has helped a lot of people manage their bills instead of borrowing money, you can put yourself to use and make extra cash that can help you settle some bills

It is basically up to each person to decide whether or not scribie is good for them. It provides a great opportunity for individuals from around the world, providing with an opportunity to work from anywhere in the world for long as there is an internet connection.

You can also choose the type of project you want to work on, which is awesome if you are looking for more control over your work load.

Start Earning Now – Withdraw to your Bank Account

You can make a lot of money with transcribing audio files, which can be a lot fun and interesting way to make extra money.

As a transcriber, you will be able to be making at least from $5 to $25 per audio hour you transcribe. You just have to make sure your transcribing skills is excellent, you are advised to always check your work multiple times before submitting. So basically most files you transcribe falls between $10-$25 per audio hour range, the rate you earn will solely be determined by the length and complexity of the audio recording, it should be known that accuracy is important, because it will be tested before it is graded

Once you are able to complete few jobs accurately, you will be upgraded to a higher accuracy score where you can be earning about $25 per audio hour.

You can connect your PayPal to withdraw your earnings from the platform. You only need $1 to request cash out.

How much does Scribie Pay Per Minute?

Scribie basically pays individuals per minute for audio transcribing. However the current rate is about $0.40/min, which is basically higher than some other transcribing companies. so let’s say you were to transcribe a one hour audio recording, it means you will stand a chance of earning $24.

Can i get promoted?

You can be promoted and make higher earning, it all depends on how much time you out in, making sure your transcribing is of very good quality. Make sure you review the stuff you have transcribed before final submission.

Do Scribie have a referral program?

Yes they do have a referral program, but you have to a reviewer to take advantage of this. You can easily referral people you know to scribie and then earn 5% commission from their earnings.

Does Scribie hire people outside of the United States?

Yes they do, but if you are in United States, you stand a better chance of getting hired. Make sure you have PayPal because that is the only method of payment scribie offers.

What are Scribie Transcription Qualifications?

If you will like to work at scribie, then you should look at the qualifications required for this job:

  1. Applicants must have an excellent communication skills
  2. You must be proficient in English language
  3. Applicants are expected to have the ability to comprehend in British, Indian, American and Australian languages (these are not compulsory, but it gives you an edge over other)

Scribie Grading System

It is advised that for every interested applicant who wants to work with Scribie should en-devour to know their grading system, this help you understand how the system works.

Every file that has been transcribed will definitely be graded. Based on Scribie’s grading system from 2020, the grade ranges from Excellent, Good, Average, Bad, Poor, and Rejected.

A file can actually be rejected if the reviewer spots about 6 or more errors on your work, so it is advised to always review your work and search for errors before submitting. A high-difficult file however can be rejected if there are 24 or more errors found, meanwhile a low difficult file can get an excellent grade if there are about 0-1 errors, and again a high difficult file can be graded with an excellent if there are 0-4 errors found

It is important you learn about this grading system so that you know how to be successful in the job, because the grading system can make or break your income and ranking position on scribie. If you keep up a good work, and all your files are always excellent, you can easily be promoted from being a transcriber to a reviewer, and then to a proofreader.

It should be noted that a consistent poor work can cause demotion. So again the best way to submit a high-quality transcriptions is to check your file over and over again to make sure it is free of errors.

How can i Apply to Scribie?

to apply and get approved into the Scribie network, you will need to follow the steps below:

Submit your Application

You will be asked to fill out a form which contains your personal details e.g. Your full names, Email Address, Your typing speed will be tested, Verified Paypal Email Address, etc.

After you must have submit the application, then there will be a number which will be given to you which you can then use to check the status of your Application.