Free Google Cyber-Security Course for International Students – Submit your Application


There is an ongoing Google Cyber-security application opened to all from around the globe, it is a free Certificate program and is available to all who are interested in the opportunity to gain knowledge from a well developed environment like the United States.

The Google Cyber-security Certificate Course is basically done Online, and there is no age limit restrictions on applying.


Topics that are available for the cyber-security certificate course, includes: Network security, secure coding practices, cryptography and incident response.

Google Cyber-security course

The Google Cyber-security course will build you and make you well efficient as a professional analyst and so much more.

There are about 750,000 cyber-security jobs which are available in the USA currently, and this course puts you on an edge of landing this job. The course is worth your time as it is for free.

There has been reports of cyber crime around the world, and this is just a very good opportunity for you to attain a value which is useful now and in the future.


After you are done studying the course, you can go ahead to apply to the cyber-security job offer.

The Financial Job Benefits

The Google Cyber-security free course benefits are as follows:

  • The entry level salary is about $100,000
  • If you are qualified enough, you can be offered any job under cyber-security by the authorities
  • There is a high level of demand for the cyber-security job this days, as cyber crime has been on the rise in the past few years, therefore it presents different type of opportunities
  • As you progress on the job, you shall be offered a certificate which boosts your career
  • You do not need much excellent certifications

Important Criteria for Getting the Cyber-security Job Offer


The Important Criteria Needed for the Cyber-Security Job Offer, includes:

  • All interested candidates from all over the world are eligible to apply and get this Job offer
  • All interested candidates should ensure they have applied via the Google provided link not any other
  • Interested applicants do not to have any experience to land this Job

Cyber-Security Courses Offered

Here are the Cyber-Security courses offered to all interested students

Linux and SQL
Networks and Network Security
Foundations of Cyber-Security
Assets, Threads, and Vulnerabilities
Play It Safe: Manage Security Risks
Put it to Work: Prepare for Cyber Security Jobs
Automate Cyber-Security Tasks with Python
Sound the Alarm

Skills Expected to Gain from the Cyber-security Course Outline

Python Programming
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Tools
Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

Deadline for the Cyber-Security Job Offer

The Cyber-security Job Offer does not ha e a deadline, you can apply at anytime you finish up your cyber-security course. You can also apply now if you are ready

What are the procedures for applying to the Cyber-Security Job?

The application for the cyber-security job is basically free of charge, all interested applicants are not expected to pay for the course. IT is advised to strictly apply via the official link provided.

Official Link