Google Scholarship for International Students 2023-2024 – Apply Now



International Students are invited to apply to the ongoing Google Generation Scholarship for the year 2023-2024 session.


Th Google Scholarship is considered one of the top best scholarship a student can be awarded, the Application is now open to all Undergraduate level students only. However if you are not an undergraduate level student you can subscribe on this site to get latest scholarships updates and also try other scholarship opportunities posted on buzzcheep.

Google Scholarship program

This Google Scholarship program basically favor females more, because it tends to focus on women intentions towards the field of computer sciences.

However in general, this scholarship is initiated to help out students whom cannot afford to further their education because of financial constraints. This scholarship however helps to empower such students so they could in return be useful to their community afterwards.


If you are a woman whom is eager to develop herself in the areas of diversity towards cultural environment, then this scholarship will be of favor to you.

You will be trained to towards different cultural values by interacting with them. You will be taught the real meaning of equity policy and how you can apply this to your everyday life and your environment at large.

So you already should get the feeling that this scholarship is basically 80% for the women. This scholarship tends to provide a great opportunity for women to participate in economy of their country by giving their best in what they are taught during the course of their Google scholarship.

Women are encouraged to be part of the future of Google community, giving their best technological development platform, ensuring they develop their career in future of tech.

The Google 2030 Agenda

This Scholarship has a 2030 Agenda and wants to involve the women in this great future. The idea is to work on the unity of communities of different cultures, it believes that with this unity been achieved, it can help sharpen the political and economical standards which in turn will help to ensure the continuity of the survival of humanity.


The google scholarship allows her students to be innovative with different students from different cultural background and Socio-economic backgrounds and different political views by providing all the material they need.

The major aim of this scholarship is to ensure young generations of women are empowered in the field of technology which expands the horizon of technological information. There is no gender difference, age, race, and ethnicity; but the fact still remains that women are the prime focus in this scholarship.

The students are allowed to work together towards achieving a goal despite their cultural, ethnicity and other differences. All successful students will have access to a quality education and professional training.

What are the Financial Benefits of Google Scholarships?

The Google Scholarship is however a partially funded scholarship, see list of scholarship benefits:

  • All successful candidates will be given an amount worth of $2,500 as their stipend for the entire year
  • Applicants will have the opportunity to gain valuable abilities and professional skills which will hep them in the outside world
  • Applicants will be able to sight and grab opportunities available within their environments

Required Documents for the Google Scholarships

  • Applicants should provide a copy of their Resume in a pdf format
  • Applicants are expected to provide their previous degrees in pdf format
  • Applicants should provide a short answer of why they feel the Google Scholarship is a good fit for them

Google Scholarship Criteria for Eligibility

All interested candidates for the Google Generation Scholarship Program should meet to all the criteria mentioned:

  • All aspiring applicants should be a fresh graduate of the year 2023-2024
  • The applicants needs to be a student of 2nd year in the graduate program
  • Interested students needs to be the student of any University in Asia Pacific Country
  • The Applicants must be a technical, computer science or related field
  • The academic records of the applicants has to be excellent
  • The applicants needs to have passion for uplifting underdeveloped people, groups and or communities.

Google Scholarship Application Deadline

All interested students needs to apply before the stated scholarship deadline. The Google Genration Scholarship deadline is on the 15th May, 2023

How can i apply for Google Scholarship?

There are steps you need to follow up to apply to this scholarship. See steps;

  • The Application is basically done Online
  • Applicants are expeced to provide all information required
  • All details of the applicants resume should be updated with most recent details
  • There will be a test, the applicants is expected to apply a pragmatic approach to the answers
  • All applicants will go through a Google Online Challenge, and are required to pass it
  • All required must be filled accordingly and make sure there are no mistakes of any kind

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