Highest Paying finance Jobs



A Career in Finance is one of the most rewarding career you can find, even is not as easy to find it. We are going to be walking you through highest paying jobs in finance and then discuss their roles, commitments and of course their annual salary.


Before now, the only place you can find a good paying finance job is on Wall Street, but then we all will agree that there are lots of things that have changed over the past years, we have seen big banks folding up and others cutting down their operations and branches due to bankruptcy.

Opportunities in Finance Jobs

These therefore has opened up opportunities for brilliant and out of the box finance professionals to take the lead, causing their salaries or worth to sky rocket.

Now there are different levels of finance jobs, from investment bankers, to financial consultants, hedge fund managers and real estate brokers.


Are you aware that an investment banker with a PhD can earn about $350,000 annually? OK, that is even out of bonuses they get.

Owing to the fact that the finance world is a competitive one, but then finance still remains one of the best paying jobs.

Highest Paying finance Jobs

The highest paying finance jobs are listed here with annual estimated earnings and roles

1.Chief Financial Officer CFO – $416,641 annually

The Chief Financial Officer or CFO is responsible for managing a company’s growth, their capital structure, and Cash Flow. As easy as this seems or sounds, it requires an in depth knowledge of accounting and financial modeling of that company.


As a Chief Financial Officer of any country, you are responsible for managing the finance team of the company, you need to ensure a strategic decisions are made that wont negatively affect the company, the CFO highly ensures right decisions are made as much as curating a strategic decisions of costs and general infrastructure of the company.

With this you should know that the basic duties of a Chief Financial Officer ‘CFO’ is tasking, but then the CFO is one of the top best paying jobs in the Finance sector. The Chief Financial Officer ‘CFO’ is the first most paid finance jobs

2. Chief Compliance Officer CCO – $236,201 annually

The role for the Chief Compliance Officer ‘CCO’ is basically based on implementation, designing, and overseeing the basic compliance of the company’s laws and regulations, making sure the company is operating in accordance to the law.

The CCO also ensures all departments of the company are meeting to the basic compliance governing them.

The CCO also handles policy and compliance oversight, which he ensures they contribute to helping out the business or company operate more flexibly in relation to the compliance which ensures efficiency and avoid policy violations or non-compliance fees.

The Chief Compliance Officer is the second highest paying finance jobs.

3. Information Technology Auditor – $136,494 annually

Information Auditors are among-st the top earners of finance jobs, they basically mostly work in private companies and government departments to operate their technology and maintain the technology infrastructure.

The IT Auditors helps to take care of Digital Security of the company, so that the company runs smoothly and connected, this also helps in the smooth running of the company. The IT Auditors are almost like the backbone of the company.

They develop software program that helps in daily running of the company, they help in promoting the company’s services digitally.

They implements security setup for the company’s digital security and also help in building a flexible communication systems that connects the members of the company and also to the users of the company’s products and services. The Information Technology Auditors therefore are third in the list of the top paying finance jobs.

4. Investment Banker – $131,555 annually

The Investment Bankers are those professionals that helps companies avoid a great level of financial losses, they also help to ensure the savings of the company are controlled and help keeps clients money intact.

Well despite investment banking came fourth on the list, the worth an still be higher, because the more the risk the job in a particular environment is, the more the paycheck.

CEO’s and Managers of Company relies on investment bankers to manage stocks and bonds in accordance with the exchange commission rate at a point in time and assure of the security of funds.

One of the important roles of an investment banker is been responsible for the market cap of the company.

The Investment bankers also work in collaborations with hedge fund managers, asset managers, insurance managers to collectively develop ideas, but or sell commodities or derivatives at the right time.

5. Financial Software Developer – $117,665 annually

The Financial Software Developers are the professionals responsible creating programs for meeting the needs of the company and it’s end users.

Since the industries, companies, and businesses accepted technology, the financial software developers became very valuable and the demand for this professionals started to grow exponentially.

The Financial Software Developers helps to design, maintain, develop, and test out financial software and other important applications that can meet up to the company and end-users making the relationship flexible and easy. The Financial Software Developers are basically related to finance and accounts and they are one of the best paying jobs in finance, and according to our list they came fifth of the top paying finance jobs.

6. Insurance Advisor – $89,295 annually

Insurance Advisor are responsible for advising clients in order to secure their future by choosing a suitable policy for them, so basically the Insurance Advisors salaries depends on the clients they can build and the need for Insurance Advisors are in high demand, They generally try to convince clients to invest in an insurance policy that best suits them, so they have come sixth in our ranking list.

7. Private Wealth Advisor –  $77,885 annually

This is a different type of advisor, the private wealth advisor offers services across the financial spectrum of a company or organisation. They help to manage the client base of the company ensuring a good accounting and tax services are delivered.

Private Wealth Advisor helps in retirement planning and estate management usually for a fixed fee, becoming a private wealth advisor is tasking, as you need a bachelor’s degree and relevant certifications in that field.

8. Senior Accountant – $74,501 annually

The Senior Accountant are responsible for daily accounting duties for the company, their basic role is making sure accounting target for the company are been met and accountable for monitoring the corporate expense of the company, the senior accountant are usually at the top of the general accounting hierarchy.