Honjo International Scholarships in Japan – Apply Now



All International Students whom are interested to study in country like Japan can go ahead to apply to the Honjo International Scholarships offering a full scholarships to all students from around the World.


Honjo International Scholarships in Japan

This is a Japanese Graduate Scholarship which is provided by the Honjo Scholarship Foundation program with the aim of offering a free education to all interested students around the globe. This Scholarship is available for all Masters, Doctorate and PhD Degree level students.

There is no Application fee needed to apply to this scholarship program, the application submission is free for all foreign students.

The major aim for the Honjo Scholarship is providing her students a well equipped environment that will develop them as outstanding leaders which in future will contribute to the global society for a positive impact.


What are the Financial Benefits of the Honjo Scholarships in Japan?

The Honjo international Scholarships in Japan offers a free education to all interested students whom have gone through the application process and have submitted their application. They offer Scholarship without discrimination of any sort. See Benefits:

Each students will be given ¥210,000 per month for 1 to 2 years degree

Students that will be studying in the institution for 3 years degree program will be given ¥190,000 per month

¥160,000 per month will be given to students studying for 4 to 5 years degree at the University

What are the Documents Needed for Honjo Scholarship in Japan?

All aspiring students are expected to submit the necessary documents needed to process their scholarship successfully. See lists:


> All candidates should submit their Academic Transcript in Japanese or English ( If your academic transcript is not in either English or Japanese language, please ensure you attach a translation)

> All Candidates are required to submit a Research Proposal, please use the templates given below:

  1. What you are going to research about ?
  2. What and how are you going to contribute to your home country based on what you have learned from your studies in Japan?
  3. What you are willing to achieve regarding research, academic and society activity?

> Aspiring students should also provide a Recommendation Letter from the Supervisor; this letter should be able to describe the applicant’s academic performance in previous school, their personal character evaluation, their prospective future potentials etc. Note that the number of words are not determined, but that doesn’t mean you write too much, and if it’s in other languages rather than English and Japanese language, please you should translate it.

> Applicants will provide a prove of their admission letter, letter of acceptance. Ensure your Application letter is available by April 30th, 2023, and if it’s not, please fill in the Web Application System and send it to HISF office via email.

NB: Please make sure you upload all documents in PDF formats, you can also upload a clear photocopied documents

Eligible Criteria for this Scholarship

All aspiring students should ensure they go through the necessary criteria and ensure they meet to it.

  • This Scholarship is not for Japanese students or students who holds a Japanese citizenship
  • Only students who are able to submit their research plan are eligible to apply
  • Aspiring students must agree to spend more than 12 months for their program in Japan
  • PhD students above 35 years old are not eligible to apply
  • Masters Level students must start their Masters program by the age of 30 without any exception
  • All aspiring students must agree to serve in their home country in the future after graduation
  • All candidates must edhere to deep understanding of friendship and must agree to attend events organized by the foundation and ready to take part as an alumni member in the institution.
  • Aspiring students must learn how to speak Japanese, and must be able to carry out day to day conversation in Japanese with colleagues. Interviews will be conducted in Japanese to test your competence

Deadline for this Scholarship Application

All aspiring students are advised to submit their application before the stated deadline on the 3oth of April, 2023. Please if you are here after the given deadline, you can check other scholarship opportunities here.

How do i Apply to the Honjo Scholarship in Japan?

All interested students should go through the provided Online Application System to be able to apply for Honjo Scholarship Opportunity offered to all students from around the world except for Japanese students and students who holds a Japanese citizenship. You need to sign up to proceed to the Application Portal, if you don’t understand the Japanese page, you can use a translator in your web browser.