how to withdraw money from varo without card



 As of October 2021 it has being nearly impossible to withdraw money from varo without a card 

Will be sharing with you how to withdraw money from varo without card

As the Mobile banking app doesn’t offer cardless withdrawal though it can be tricky so in that sense it is possible to withdraw money from varo and that is what we will take a look at.

Varo bank review

With varo app you can lock or unlock your debit card when lost or stolen, you can also track your spendings 

The app also offer transaction alerts when a new transaction take place.

All varo accounts ate being insured by the federal deposit insurance corp which means your varo savings and account are being insured

Varo allows unlimited numbers of withdrawal and savings transfer 

Varo impose no monthly minimum balance requirement or monthly fee.

Though there are no branches but cash deposits can only be done through third party retailers than charge fees (that in not bad anyway.

Varo Bank requirements

The varo bank has very strict rules and requirements before being able to make use of their service

They only allow citizens in the U.S who are permanent and mist be over 18 years of age.

A social security number and government issued I.d are required during sign up 

Either your passport or driver’s license is also needed.

The applicant must also have a device that can access the mobile app (varo mobile app).

What do you need to open Varo account

With either your driver’s license or passport and social security number you can download the varo app from the app store then tap the “get started”

And follow the prompts to submit your application which should not take more than ten minutes .

Does Varo approve everyone ?

They don’t accepe just anyone to their platform, most important people outside the U.S 

Also it is very much important that applicants/users also need to have device that can run their app

How much money can I have in my Varo account ?

You can deposit up to $1000 per day and $5000 per month into your varo account. 

Varo withdrawal limit

There is a $1000 daily withdrawal limit on varo from ATM 

How to withdraw money without card

Below are the best options.

Ask a relative or friend for help

If you have a relative or friend who have an account with varo you can get them to help you withraw the money

Make sure that relative or friend have a varo card, then go to your varo mobile app, and tap varo to varo transfer



Put in the amount you want to withraw and your friend’s details

Click on send money to command the transfer.

That will get the transaction done instantly without charges.

Use another account or card

You can also use another account by making a transfer to the account and withraw using your card.

Take note that this can only be possible when you still have your entire wallet available 

Using a payment app 



Cash app


Google pay

Apple wallet 

To use those payment app method you can link your varo as payment method on them then transfer funds to your varo account

Use your varo card details

You can pay for things by using this method

Yes, without you having your varo card with you you still have the opportunity to pay for things by checking through the app for your card details



The card details will contain your card number, cvv, routing number and your account number 

Open your varo app check through account details and you should see your card details showing.

Make use of debit card 

The most effective way to withdraw from your varo account easily without the need to make use of your varo card is by making use of a debit card

Even when traveling out of the country it is sure you will be spending in their currency

 There are no charges except with the network fee from the ATM itself.

To do that, you need to have a wise account



Other methods available in making withdrawal on varo are:

Below are other ways on how to withdraw money from varo without card with other methods

How to transfer money from Varo to PayPal

Go into your PayPal account and link your varo bank account to your paypal account

With the your account number and routing number needed when linking manually.

To transfer the money to your PayPal account, tap on your PayPal balance

Tap on add money then choose your preferred way of adding money to the account

Thereby you should choose the varo bank which you just link to your PayPal account

Then follow the prompts and take note that his can take up to 1 to 3 business days to get the money into your PayPal account.

How to transfer money from Varo to Cash App

Open your cash app account and select add cash choose the amount you want to add and choose your preferred account which means you need to choose your cash app account

Make sure you already link your cash app account before doing that.

After you must have make the transfer it should take few days for you to get the money into your cash app account.

Can I transfer money from Varo to cash App

Does Varo work with Zelle

You can also use zelle app to receive payment then transfer to your varo account if need be.

You can also transfer money to your zelle account from your varo bank account

Varo instant transfer


Conclusion on : how to withdraw money from varo without card

Making deposits via ACH can take up to about 3 business working days  but will take about 30 minutes for a linked varo debit card



Remember you can easily withdraw money from your varo account without card by making use of the debit card option

Though other methods mentioned here are also great ways but can’t be compared with the debit card withdrawal method.