Job Opportunities in Kuwait (Up to 4,000 Kuwaiti Dinar Monthly)

There is an ongoing Job opportunity in Kuwait. The Alshaya Jobs is opened for all, if you are interested in working in Kuwait, then you are advised to go through the instructions to successfully submit the Application.

Please it should be noted that this Job opportunity is basically for applicants of at least 18 years old and above.

This Job opportunity will require employee to have at-least a high school diploma or it’s equivalent.

Every year the Alshaya industry gives out job opportunities to interested applicants from around the world.

Alshaya Group in Kuwait

The Alshaya is one of the top brand franchise operators in the World, which provides customers with quality well-known world-wide brand products.

The Alshaya Group is basically a well known international franchise which was established in the year 1890, and has gradually grow and expanded to become one of the world’s known major retail and hospitality organizations, the Alshaya Group retails in Fashion, cosmetics, home, furniture, cuisine, leisure and entertainment, as a matter of fact, the Alshaya Group has gone beyond retailing, it has about 90 more world-renowned companies under it. The Alshaya Group generally maintains a very much diversified portfolio of business.

Alshaya Group Innovations

The Alshaya however is best known for it’s high level of dedication to sustainability, innovation, and growth.

Through the Alshaya Group’s widely spread network of retail and hospitality business, it has plans to offer customers a high-quality goods and services with a touch of an un-forgettable encounters, this is a strategy they tend to use to spread out more into different country’s of the World.

Staffs are at Alshaya Group have been well trained which has made them very much committed to providing excellent customer service.

Financial Benefits of Alshaya Job Opportunity

If you are to be employed at the Alshaya Group Company in Kuwait, you will stand a chance to benefit not just your monthly salary, but there are other benefits too, mentioned:

  1. Monthly Salary Paid to Employees up to 4,000 Kuwaiti Dinar
  2. Healthcare will be covered for each employee
  3. Health Savings will be provided for each employee
  4. Health Savings Account (HSA) will also be provided and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  5. All employees will be offered with Mental health and family support programs

How can i get Alshaya Job in Kuwait?

to get the Alshaya Job in Kuwait, you will need to meet up to the criteria demanded by the company, which are:

  • You must be at least 18 year old of age
  • You must provide a high school diploma or it’s equivalent

What are the Requirements to get a job in Alshaya Kuwait?

Here are the requirement you need to land a job in Alshaya Company Kuwait

Curriculum Vitae
Cover Letter
School Certifications

Let’s talk about the roles and provide you with Application link for each of that role

1. Store Manager – Jo Malone

All applicants who are interested and doesn’t want to miss out on this opportunity, then the applicant have to ensure they have a track record and experience of managing stores in retail fashion or in health and beauty. The applicants must also have a strong English language skills. However applicants must submit this application before the deadline which is on the 25th July, 2023. Submit your Application

2. Stylist – Dr. Vranjes

For the stylist job offer, you will need to have working experience as a high end product sales-person preferably at a salon, spa, or a boutique.

It is expected that the applicant should understand both Arabic and Kuwait with a very good communication skills. However this opportunity is closing by the 25th of July, 2023. Submit your Application

3. Operations Manager – Debenhams

If you are applying to the operations manager job role, you have to keep in mind that all operations managers will be charge with meeting all business plan objectives, which means they will be overseeing all the objectives of the company and also engage in actively supporting the opening of new stores which commands new opportunities for the company’s growth.

As an operation manager, you will need to be spotting chances for employee and company growth across the region, which may spread out to many nations. Please be advised that this job roles is closing on the 22nd July, 2023. Submit your Application

4. Business Alliance Account Manager – Estee Lauder

All applicants whom on this position are advised to develop and build a very good long-lasting relationships with the company’s third party suppliers while effectively concentrating on their job role with team members to grow number of sales and meet up with sales target.

It should be known that this position will be closing by 22nd of July, 2023, so all applicants are advised to apply on or before the closing date. Submit your Application

5. Engineering Manager – Executive Chairman’s Office

Interested applicants applying for this position needs to ensure they have a mechanical and or electrical bachelor’s degree or at least a certificate in General Engineering.

It is important that interested candidates applying to this role should have skills on Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and AutoCAD.

You are advised to submit your application on or before the closing date of this job offer, which is on the 21st of July, 2023. Submit your Application

6. Optometrist – Vision Express

All candidates interested in this position must be a Doctor of Optometry. If you are not a Doctor of this field, then you don’t need to apply to this role.

The job role however is closing on the 21st of July, 2023. Submit your Application 

7. Assistant Store Manager – Debenhams Cosmetics

Applicants are advised to have at least 3 years or more of experience working in retail. Applicant must be very sound in English language communications.

This opportunity is closing by the 21st of July, 2023. Submit your Application

8. Senior Manager Procurement – Starbucks

For those candidates who are interested in this jobs, they are required to have a bachelor’s degree, MBA, or a higher degree in Business, Supply Chain or related Subject.

Applicants are however to submit an application on or before the deadline of this job role, which is on the 6th August, 2023. Submit your Application 

9. Restaurant Manager – Dean & Deluca

This job role requires the applicants to have a substantial and top notch dining experience. They should also have customer relations skills and be able to communicate in English language.

The job opportunity will be closing by the 18th of July, 2023. Submit your Application

10. Department Manager – Retail & Deluca

Applicants must have up to 3 years or more of retail experience, please ensure you meet to this criteria.

Applicants must have a very excellent abilities in English language, also Arabic language will be a plus that can give candidate an edge to land this opportunity.

Applicants must also be good in Microsoft Word and Excel. There is no given closing date for this Application. Candidate are expected to however proceed in submitting their Application