Research Scholarship in Monash University, Australia – Apply Now

All Students from around the world, whom are interested in studying in Australia on a free education should go ahead and go through this scholarship opportunity for the academic year 2023-2023.

This Scholarship is meant for both International and Australian students , it is basically for Master’s and PhD level students.

Research Scholarship in Monash University, Australia

Australia is a well developed country suitable for studies. Australia is the 6th largest country in the World at large, and this scholarship is been sponsored by the Australian Government.

The Monash Scholarship program opens up for both domestic and international students twice yearly, and almost 800 students are been taken and given the scholarship award.

It is important you also know that the Monash University is a public University which is located in Melbourne, Australia. The Monash University have highly qualified and valuable staff which they produce about 3,000 research publications yearly, and this why the Monash University has been ranked the 4th best Universities in Australia, they became 2nd best for Pharmacy and Pharmacology worldwide and 26th in Law globally.

What are the Financial Benefits in Australian Scholarships?

The Monash University which is located in Melbourne, Australia are offering both international and domestic students with a fully funded scholarship award sponsored by the Government, see list of benefits:

Each successful student’s tuition fee will be covered 100%
> Each students will be entitled to a monthly stipend
> Plane tickets will be paid for
> Relocation Allowance which helps students to settle down in a new country will be given
> There is going to be a general living allowance to each students
> Allowance for books/materials will be covered
> There will be health insurance entitled to each students

Lists of Available Courses Offered by the Institution

Students have their fields which they want to study in, although not every course could be offered in Monash, but most popular course are available for students to select from:

> Business
> Education
> Arts, Design and Architecture
> Humanities and Social Sciences
> Information Technology
> Health Sciences
> Medicine
> Law
> Nursing
> Sciences
> Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Types of Scholarships Offered by Monash University

Monash Graduate Scholarship

The Monash Graduate Scholarship has been initiated to support students from around the world that cannot support or further their education, the graduate scholarship is basically for Research Doctorate and Research Master’s Degrees. The total that will be given under the Monash Graduate Scholarship is worth about $29,000

Research Training Program Scholarship

The Research Training Scholarship program is basically provided by the Australian Government to help both domestic and international students who wish to study in Australia and to undertake a Research in Doctorate and Masters Degrees.

There is a living allowance that will be given to support students both domestic and international in this scholarship category. The value of the Research Training Scholarship Program is worth up to $29,000.

Maxwell King PhD Scholarship

This Scholarship has been named after Professor Maxwell King, he made an outstanding transformation with his great contribution to graduate research at the Monash University which includes 8 years as a Pro Vice-Chancellor in the Research and Training Field.

Raydon Graduate Research Scholarships

This type of Scholarship was initiated to help graduate research students studying in several fields like Social Sciences and Humanities.

The Raydon Graduate Research Scholarship have been made possible via the Philanthropic support of the Narodowski Investment Trust, and the award value is up to the amount of $20,000 per student.

Monash Silver Jubilee PhD Scholarships

This Scholarship is designed to help support students that cannot afford to pay their tuition fee in other to further their education. The Scholarship award is up to $35,600.

Monash International Tuition Scholarships (MITS)

The MITS is design for international students whom are ready to undertake Research Doctorate and Research Masters Degrees at the University, this type of scholarship covers tuition fees for the students.

Important Criteria for Eligibility

  • Students applying to this scholarship should ensure they have a Bachelors Degree
  • Aspiring students should note that applicant’s are considered based on their academic record, research experience and output
  • All Applicants must provide an English Language Test Result, IELTS or TOEFL

Deadline for Submitting an Application

Al aspiring students are expected to submit their application before the given deadline, which is on the 31st August, 2023 (Round 3) and 31st March, 2024 (round 1).

How can i Apply to the Monash Research Scholarship?

You can apply to the Monash Research Scholarship Program basically via the Online Application System.

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