United States Fully Funded Young Leaders Fellowship Program 2023 – Apply Now

There is an ongoing application which has been open for students around the globe, this is a fully funded program that is centered on developing the youth on becoming great leaders in the outside world.

MCW Young Leaders Program 2023 Details:

  • Duration: July 2023 – 2024
  • Eligible Country: All Countries are Eligible to Apply
  • Scholarship Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Country Location: United States

About Organization

The Global fellowship program is actually hosted by MCW, they are located in New York, United States, they are also affiliated with the African Region for this purpose.

They MCW Global Leaders Program is a non-profit organization which was created with a vision to ensure improvements of quality education, health, and a better financial and economic security for the communities around the globe, and that is why today the MCW focuses on the youth which are believed to be leaders of tomorrow, they equiped them educational and morally on how to be a successful leaders in the outside world.

The Organization strives for young leaders, which is why they do all they can to support and empower this young people with all that they need. The MCW organization also expects her young candidates to be compassionate, Honest, accountable, responsible and virtues.

Fully Funded MCW Leaders Program

If you are young and vibrant and is looking for opportunities to further their education for free, then you need to follow all the required steps to ensure you get this opportunity.

If you are young and vibrant and is looking for opportunities to further their education for free, then you need to follow all the required steps to ensure you get this opportunity.

The MCW young leaders fellowship program are interested in candidates withing the age range between 18 to 26, if you are below or above this required age range, then this offer is not for you. You can however check other opportunities that has been listed on this page.

The MCW Young leadership program will be taken place in the United States, and are committed to ensuring they provide all necessary materials and support that each candidate needs, they have professionals which will ensure all selected candidates are well trained to become great leaders with enough intellectual capacity to pioneer leadership development, vision planning, self-awareness among communities and citizens at large.

The candidates will be taught and trained basically on Health, Economic Security and Education, these are the basic categories that the MCW program will be centered upon, with professionals ensuring this young vibrant youths gets enough education and training based on this tools.

The MCW Young Leaders Fellowship Program offers one of the best learning opportunities for the youth free of charge, and they ensure they provide a flexible environments for learning, they love to see passionate and hardworking young people making use of their capacity to achieve greater heights, they are committed to the youths and their future.

All young candidates should ensure they are ready to learn and work with their colleagues as a team to explore new ideas and explore project-based work.

Young Leaders Preparations

All selected candidates will be prepared for an assessment, after which they will participate in an intensive virtual program that will help them in their early development in becoming great leaders in their communities and the world at large, after their stage is passed, they will spend 10 months developing their ideas and innovative strategies with the help of the alumni mentors

MCW Leadership Program Sections

  • Community need assessment
  • Alumni mentoring
  • Collaborations
  • Project Development

The MCW selects qualified candidates for this fully funded program based on the fact that the candidates is young and vibrant, and therefore is expected to think outside the box bringing innovative ideas and solutions to problems faced in the society, community and or cities at large.

MCW Leaders Program Financial Benefits For Each Students

The MCW Leaders Program is offering a fully funded financial support both in education, accommodation and feeding, and all international students will enter into the USA free with the help of the organization. We have mentioned benefits for each candidate below:

  • Domestic Economy flight for students living in the United States will be covered
  • International Economy Flights for international applicants will be duly covered
  • Accommodation will be provided for all candidates
  • Three Square Meals Per day will be provided for each candidates
  • Public Transportation will be covered to and fro
  • Round Trip travel from New York to Burlington and Vermont will be covered

Financial Responsibilities that will not be covered by MCW Leaders Program

  • Visa Fees
  • Passport Fees
  • In-Country Costs for example, travel to the airport, extra baggage fees, etc.

Required Documents for all Candidates, which is expected to be uploaded in the Online Application Form

  • Resume
  • Two Letters of Recommendation

Apply for the MCW Young Leaders Fellowship Program

You will need to complete an online Application Form and then upload all the required documents.

Go through the Official Application Link to submit your Application