Fully funded Government Scholarship 2023-2024 – Apply Now

There are available fully funded scholarships for international students whom have probably been waiting for an opportunity to study Abroad; majorly in Australia, USA, UK, and Canada.

this is a good opportunity for you to start from here even though your intentions where never to study in the country, Australia is a good country to study in as many international students are choosing to study in the country because of it’s friendly and really very excellent educational system.

University of Sydney Ongoing Scholarships

Therefore the University of Sydney Ongoing Scholarships is inviting all interested international applicants to participate through the application of being selected into the program which is for only Masters and PhD Degree Students. There are almost all the subjects and or field you intend to study for your Masters and PhD Degrees. The good news is, the Australian Government Research Training Program handling the Scholarships will be the ones to cover all the expenses for each qualified students without any sentiments in selecting her candidates into the program.

The University of Sydney which is located in Sydney, Australia was established in the year 1850, sine then to now, the Sydney University which is the first university in Australia is now listed as one of the best university’s in the World.

The Scholarships at the University of Sydney is basically offered to highly intelligent post graduate research students from around the globe, all interested students from any country at all will be dully considered for this scholarship.


List of Criteria’s that must be met to be Eligible:

If you are applying to this scholarship program at the Sydney University please ensure you are an international student with the intentions of studying full time in the university

You must ensure you are enrolling for a higher degree program and ensure you are picking a course that is offered by the university, if you want to study a course that is not offered by the university, then you will be at risk of not offered this scholarship

Applicants interested in this scholarship should ensure they are applying with a research qualification that is lower than Australia’s Doctorate Degree and Master’s degree. Therefore this Scholarship program is targeted at Bachelor’s Degree Students

If you are applying to this scholarship program, please ensure that you have not previously been offered Australia Award Scholarship in the past 2 years

All applicants should ensure they have previously not been offered RTP free scholarship, unless the previous scholarship was Masters and now you are applying for Doctorate research Degree

If you are applying to this scholarship please make sure you have not previously been considered for scholarships for up to 3 consecutive times in the last 5 years.

Benefits Offered for this Scholarship

> For Undergraduate Degree Level Students
All undergraduate level students will be offered $6,000 per year until they are done with their undergraduate level studies

> For Masters and PhD Degree Level Students:  The University of Sydney is offering fully funded scholarships, see list:

  •  There will be available full tuition fee to all students
  •  Free Accommodation will also be offered to each successful students
  •  There will be a reasonable stipend given to all Masters and PhD students worth $28,596 per year
  • There will be a fully funded medical fund provided to each student
  • There will be available travel allowance by air for up to $1,250 from the student country down to Sydney and also up to $1,250 to return back to their country after graduation
  • There will be a fully funded maternity leave to each student
  • Research funds will be given to all students who carry out research both private and public
  • There will be a separate funds for Masters degree students up to $420 and for PhD students for up to $840

Check out the Available Courses for Masters and PhD Degree Programs for your perusal

  • Education and Social Work
  • Engineering and Computer Science
  • Architecture, Design, and Planning
  • Science
  • Business
  • Music
  • Law
  • Medicine and Health
  • Arts and Social Sciences

you can also check this full list of the available courses (here)

Carefully check through the Criteria needed for the success of this Scholarship

> Students that bagged a first or second class honors from any recognized university around the world are accepted to apply to this scholarship opportunity
> Students from any country in the world are accepted to go through this scholarship opportunity
> Finally for PhD Research Students: You need to have some experience and capabilities, which includes:
> Your bachelors degree – which must be in first or upper second class honors
> Your Master’s Degree – ensuring that during the course of your Master’s degree, you have a good research component and experience
> You will need to provide a qualification which proves your competence, capabilities, and experience in research matters

Required Documents necessary to be eligible for this the University of Sydney Scholarship program:

All intended applicants applying for the Masters Degree must hold a Transcript of Bachelor’s Degree or Above

All intended applicants that are applying to the PhD Program must therefore hold their transcript for the Master’s Degree or Above

Applicant must provide up to 2 recommendation letters

Applicants must arrange a good Curriculum vitae

Applicants must provide a Supervisor Acceptance Letter

If English language is not your first choice of language, then you are urged to provide a IELTS or TOEFL English language proficiency results

If you are applying for a PhD level course, then you are expected to submit a copy of your Master’s Degree thesis or it’s relevant publications

All candidates must provide their reference documents (if applicable)

Deadline for this Application

All aspiring candidates whom are interested for this scholarship should please note that, the Australian Research Scholarship is intended for all international students around the globe, and all interested students should apply to this scholarship for Master’s and PhD Program will be on the 30th September 2023. Therefore Scholarship Application for Bachelor Degree Program will be Open from 11th of April 2023.

Application Procedures to University of Sydney Scholarships

All aspiring students should please note that, this scholarship procedures is basically Online