Yale University Scholarship with all expenses paid – Apply Now



Yale University have opened her scholarship program for the academic year 2024 for all students to study in the United States for free.


All students whom are interested in studying in the USA for their undergraduate, Masters and PhD level programs can go ahead to submit an application.

The Yale University scholarship is fully funded with all other expenses paid ranging from flight tickets to tuition fees, accommodation, stipends, etc.

The scholarship program duration will range from 2 to 5 years overall.


About Yale University

Yale University is one of the best university’s in the USA, they are renowned for their outstanding academic excellence impacted to student from around the world whom comes to study in the University.

Yale University provides various scholarship opportunities every year for students from around the world, they assist students financially to attain a greater heights.

Yale University scholarship is offered based on the applicants academic excellence and personal accomplishments.

Once an applicants is been admitted, Yale University begins to sponsor for everything the candidates needs, first from flight ticket from candidates home country to the United States.

All expenses are covered to ensure candidates are never stranded financial during the course of their studies in the University.


Lists on the types of Scholarships offered at Yale University

  1. Yale Scholarship
  2. Yale Entitlement Grants
  3. Yale Merit-Based Scholarship
  4. Yale Pell Grants
  5. Yale Military Benefits

All intended candidates are to take note that the Yale scholarship is basically for international students whom wants to further their Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD level programs at Yale University, USA.

All expenses Paid scholarship at Yale University

Here are the lists covering all the expenses paid to all scholarship students at Yale University:

  • All candidates will be given all necessary financial assistance to pursue their education swiftly, making sure all costs of education is covered for each candidates during the duration of their studies in Yale University
  • Candidates have opportunity to study at Yale University which is a prestigious institution, and also have opportunities of meeting people from different race, cultures and countries
  • Candidates will be given opportunity to explore different programs offered in the institution, which will further broaden their knowledge in a more diverse knowledge
  • Yale University will ensure they cover candidates travel expenses to and from the University
  • The scholarship may also offer training workshops and seminars which will help to enhance candidates academic and professional skills

Students from any part of the are eligible to apply to this scholarship opportunity at Yale University

Criteria to be eligible for the Yale University Scholarship 2024

in other to be eligible for this Yale University scholarship, all interested applicants are expected to meet to the following criteria:

  • All applicants are expected to have a strong IELTS score of at least & of higher overall
  • All interested applicants must ensure they have a low income or are unable to further their education because of financial constraints
  • Applicants are expected to have a valid passport
  • All applicants whom come from families that are seeking for government assistance or are homeless will receive a more special consideration for this scholarship offer.

Procedures of applying for the Yale University Scholarship

To obtain the scholarship offered by Yale University for the 2024 academic session, all interested applicants are to visit the official scholarship portal to proceed in submitting their details. Official Scholarship Portal